Japan's Foreign Minister Hayashi visits Ukraine to discuss reconstruction

Japan's Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa has arrived in Ukraine for talks on reconstruction assistance amid Russia's ongoing military operation.

Hayashi arrived in Ukraine on Saturday following a visit to Poland.

He plans to go to Bucha, near the capital of Kyiv, where many civilians have lost their lives due to Russia's aggression.

Hayashi is also scheduled to meet with high-ranking government officials including Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. This is the first visit to Ukraine by a Japanese foreign minister since Russia's invasion began in February of last year.

Hayashi is expected to relay the intentions of Japan, as this year's Group of Seven chair, to lead international discussions on maintaining and strengthening sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine.

Japanese company officials, including Rakuten Group Chairman and CEO Mikitani Hiroshi, have accompanied Hayashi to Ukraine.

Hayashi is expected to convey that Japan's public and private sectors will work together to assist Ukraine's reconstruction efforts.