Hawaii wildfire survivors mark one month since disaster

People in Hawaii have spent a month mourning relatives and friends who died when flames swept through their homes on August 8. They still do not know the extent of the losses in what was the deadliest US wildfire in more than a century. And they still do not know if they will recover a semblance of normal.

Some residents have built a memorial overlooking the devastated community of Lahaina on the island of Maui. They have erected crosses for each of the 115 people who are known to have died. Officials say the number is expected to rise.

A man visiting the memorial said, "I just wanted to pay some respect to the people that passed away, very emotional."

Some families have filed a lawsuit accusing the local electric company of failing to shut off power despite the risks posed by strong winds. One has sued the state and county governments of gross negligence.

Work crews are still removing piles of ash and toxic debris, and about 5,800 residents are still waiting for approval to return home.