One of Johnny Kitagawa's accusers 'a bit relieved' after agency admits abuse

One of the men who accused the late founder of Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates of sexual abuse says he feels a little relieved after the agency admitted to the abuse.

Kauan Okamoto met reporters on Friday, a day after the agency held a news conference during which it apologized for the abuse by Johnny Kitagawa and announced a plan to compensate the victims.

Musician Okamoto was a member of the agency from 2012 to 2016. His public accusation of Kitagawa in April this year led to wide media coverage of the issue.

Okamoto said the admission eased his mind slightly, but the emotional scars of the victims, including himself, will not heal easily and the issue must be tackled for years to come.

He expressed surprise over the agency's decision to keep its name, saying the move would likely be detrimental to its business.

Regarding the sparse coverage of the issue by the Japanese media until Okamoto came forward, he commented that he feels the media were reluctant to pursue the matter. He called on the media to reflect on their mistakes and change.

Okamoto revealed that he and his mother have become targets of slander and libel, and said he does not want her to undergo such an ordeal ever again.

The former J-pop idol said he has no regrets about speaking out and that he is ready to accept the consequences. He added that he wants to move forward for the future.