Hong Kong hit by heaviest hourly rainfall in 140 years of record keeping

More than 80 people across Hong Kong have received treatment for injuries after record-breaking rainfall paralyzed the city, inundating streets and train stations.

A storm that swept into the city on Thursday night unleashed 158.1 millimeters of rain between 11 p.m. and midnight, the heaviest hourly rainfall since authorities started keeping records in 1884. It was also more than the total amount of rain that fell on Hong Kong during the entire month of August.

The deluge took many residents by surprise, stranding motorists in rapidly flooding streets, submerging train stations, and triggering landslides.

The extreme conditions prompted authorities to issue a rainstorm warning.

The Hong Kong government said hospitals have treated more than 80 people for injuries.

Authorities said Friday that all schools would close and many government offices would suspend their counter services.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange also halted trading for the day.

Officials are calling on residents to exercise caution until Friday evening, and urging people to stay indoors as much as possible.