Japan's prime minister considering retaining Aso, Motegi in LDP leadership

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is considering retaining two key figures in a reshuffle of the main ruling party leadership that is planned as early as next week.

Government and ruling parties' sources say Aso Taro is expected to remain as vice president and Motegi Toshimitsu as secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party.

The reshuffle of Cabinet ministers and LDP executives comes one year after Kishida launched his second Cabinet. Selection of new lineups are currently underway.

On Thursday, the prime minister told reporters in Indonesia, where he was attending meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, that he will choose the right people for the right position considering the timing of the reshuffle.

Sources say Kishida will finalize the continued participation of Aso and Motegi once he has confirmed it with them.

The two have played key roles in supporting the administration since Kishida launched his first Cabinet. The prime minister apparently wants them to stay on to ensure the government continues to run smoothly.

On Thursday evening in Tokyo, Aso and Motegi met and made clear that they would continue to support the Kishida administration.

They also discussed the possibility of the Democratic Party for the People joining the ruling coalition. But they acknowledged that it would be difficult to achieve this in time for the upcoming Cabinet reshuffle.