ASEAN summit meetings wrap up

Leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and other regional powers have met face-to-face in Jakarta where they discussed a range of security issues in the Indo-Pacific.

Leaders and top officials from ASEAN and other countries including the US, China, Russia and Japan gathered for the East Asia Summit on Thursday, the final day of the series of meetings.

As the chair country, Indonesia's President Joko Widodo said in his opening speech that all member nations have the same responsibility "not to create new conflict, new tensions or new wars".

He added, "We have a responsibility to cool down rising tensions, to warm cold situations, and to create room for dialogue that bridges differences."

The leaders discussed China's increasing maritime activities in the South China Sea and North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. They also discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But the member countries acknowledge they face difficulties in tackling those issues amid the increasing rivalry between the United States and China.

In recent months, Washington has been trying to strengthen security ties with some ASEAN countries, including the Philippines and Vietnam, to counter Beijing's growing military presence in the region.