Tropical storm may cause train delays, cancellations

Japan Railway companies say train services, mainly in eastern and northeastern Japan, may be delayed or canceled as Tropical Storm Yun-yeung approaches.

Central Japan Railway says bullet train runs on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line may be delayed or suspended, mainly on Friday morning.

It says some services could be canceled or suspended for many hours.

The firm says more Shinkansen trains could be suspended due to sudden downpours that may hit from Thursday to Saturday.

East Japan Railway has already decided to suspend services on some of its conventional lines on Friday.

Train runs on the Tokaido Line will be halted between Odawara and Atami stations on Friday morning, as well as services on the entire Ito Line.

On the Ome Line, services between Ome and Okutama stations will be suspended from the first run to around 4 p.m. on Friday.

Services on the Hachiko Line will be suspended during the same hours between Komagawa and Yorii stations, and operations on the entire Kururi Line will be canceled on Friday morning.

JR East also says sudden cancellations are possible for other lines in the Kanto region. In the Tohoku region, delays and cancellations could also occur from Friday evening to Saturday.

The JR firms are calling on people to check the latest information on their websites.