Child abuse cases in Japan top 219,000, marking another record high

The number of child abuse cases handled by child consultation centers across Japan topped 219,000 in the fiscal year that ended in March, marking another record high.

The Children and Families Agency on Thursday reported a preliminary figure of 219,170 cases involving children under the age of 18.

Psychological abuse accounted for about 60 percent of the total, with about 129,500 cases. That was up by more than 4,700 from the previous year.

Physical abuse accounted for nearly 24 percent, with about 51,700 cases, followed by neglect at about 16 percent and around 35,600 cases. About one percent of the cases involved sexual abuse, with around 2,500 cases.
The agency also reported the results of a study of child deaths from abuse.

The agency said 50 child deaths from abuse were reported across Japan in the fiscal year that ended in March 2022, excluding forced suicides.

Physical abuse accounted for 42 percent, with 21 cases, while neglect accounted for nearly 28 percent, at 14 cases.

In 20 of the cases, the child was abused by the mother.

By age, 24 of the victims were under one year of age, followed by 6 children aged 1 and the same number aged 3.