Biden, Modi to meet ahead of G20 summit

Leaders from around the world will come together again this weekend for the Group of 20 summit in New Delhi. Some are scheduled to meet face-to-face before that happens.

The White House says US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold bilateral talks on Friday. They are likely to coordinate policies before the official session of the G20 summit begins on the following day.

The war in Ukraine and climate change will be among the issues discussed during the two-day session. India wants a joint communique to be released at the end, and it wants Ukraine to be mentioned. But it may be difficult for the leaders to reach a consensus.

Biden and Modi met in June when the Indian prime minister made a state visit to the US. They agreed to bolster defense cooperation at that time.

The Biden administration has been trying to forge closer ties with India to counter China's increasing global influence.

India and China are engaged in territorial disputes.
One is over the Himalayan region. The standard map released by Beijing last week included disputed areas marked as Chinese territory. India has condemned the move.