Ukraine reiterates accusation that Russian attack caused dam breach

Ukraine has reiterated its accusations that Russia caused the breach of the Kakhovka dam in the Ukrainian southern region of Kherson in June.

Wednesday marks three months since the breach that flooded vast areas.

The Ukrainian government held a news conference in its capital Kyiv on Tuesday. A defense ministry official said a Russian attack on the dam was to blame for the breach.

The official said investigations found that 600 square kilometers or broader areas have been inundated. That's almost the same size as central Tokyo. The official said at least 32 people have been killed and 39 others are still listed as missing.

The official said authorities have removed over 90 landmines dislodged by floodwaters. But they added that it will take more time to completely get rid of the landmines.

The official said the total extent of the damage is not yet clear because about 70 percent of the flooded areas are still occupied by Russia. They said the damage could be far worse than Ukraine has confirmed.

The official said it is difficult to accurately count the number of flood victims in the occupied area. They stressed that what's most important is to bring the fighting to an end, and called for more support from countries to help Ukraine's counteroffensive against Russia.