Japan to extend $140 mil. in emergency aid to producers

Japan's government has decided to extend over 20 billion yen, or more than 140 million dollars, in emergency aid to domestic seafood producers.
This is in response to China's suspension of seafood imports following the release of treated and diluted water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Officials say about half the money, or 68 million dollars, will be used for the temporary purchase and storage of seafood.

The government wants to help exporters of scallops and other products find alternative destinations.

Around 38 million dollars will be allotted to help businesses explore new overseas markets.

Scallops are a big part of Japan's seafood exports to China. Many are then shelled and re-exported to the United States and elsewhere. Therefore, the Japanese government also wants to bolster domestic processing.

To proceed with this plan, the government aims to use about 14 million dollars to secure workers. It will use another 20 million dollars to help install new equipment at processing plants.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu told reporters on Tuesday that the government hopes to quickly develop a domestic processing system that meets the needs of export markets.