China's expanded 'standard map' sparks anger across region

China's new map claiming most of the South China Sea and disputed areas along the India border as Chinese territory has sparked anger across the region.

China's Ministry of Natural Resources published this year's version of the country's standard map last week.

The map indicates most of the South China Sea as Chinese territory, as Beijing claims, drawing protests from countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson responded by emphasizing its "consistent and clear" position on the South China Sea, and called for concerned parties to "view it in an objective and rational light."

The map also marks two disputed areas claimed by both India and China as Chinese territory.

India has rejected China's claim, saying, "Such steps by the Chinese side only complicate the resolution of the boundary question."

The new map will likely affect discussions at the ASEAN summit that began in Indonesia on Tuesday, as well as the Group of 20 summit that opens in India later this week.