Unique scarecrows adorn rice farming village in Kagoshima Prefecture

A scarecrow resembling Japanese two-way Major League Baseball star Ohtani Shohei is among dozens now lining rice fields in southwestern Japan.

The unique effigies are on display at the annual scarecrow festival, a tradition with a 25-year history in a farming district in Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture.

This year, 62 figures handcrafted by residents are adorning an 800-meter stretch of road running through the fields, just as harvest season approaches.

In addition to the one modeled after the two-way star, there is another depicting a Japanese-style "kyudo" archer, symbolizing the upcoming archery event hosted by the city next month as part of a national athletic meet.

Another one looks more like a piece of art than a scarecrow, featuring a couple of farmers using a traditional rice winnowing machine.

A visitor said the scarecrows were charming and that he enjoyed looking at them.

The organizer said he had been worried about an approaching typhoon, but they were blessed with good weather because the residents are such good people.

The festival runs through September 24.