Japan's top court rules against Okinawa over landfill to relocate US base

Japan's Supreme Court has ruled against Okinawa Prefecture over a landfill project to relocate a US military facility. Okinawa opposes the construction of the new airfield within the prefecture.

The court on Monday rejected Okinawa's appeal against a high court decision that upheld a state directive to demand the prefecture approve a design change to the landfill plan.

The change is needed to solidify soft ground found in the reclamation site off Henoko in Nago City to relocate the Futenma Air Station from the densely populated area in Ginowan City. Okinawa's refusal to give its approval halted the reclamation work.

The top court decision will now oblige the prefectural government to approve the revision, effectively leading to the resumption of the reclamation work.