Companies offer products, services to combat disasters

A growing number of Japanese companies are offering products and services that can be used on a daily basis and also be helpful during disasters.

A business-use backpack that recently went on sale is made partly of buoyant material. It serves as a flotation device when strapped to the front of the body.

Major luggage maker Ace says it developed the backpack in response to the frequency of flooding in urban areas.

Meanwhile, Tokyo-based Inforich is making its mobile-battery sharing service free for up to 48 hours during times of disaster.

The firm's battery chargers can be picked up at roughly 40,000 locations across the country, including train stations and convenience stores. It says people have accessed the service during about 20 separate disasters in the past.

The company also launched a new rental spot last month that's equipped with its own backup generator.
It says it plans to increase the number of such facilities that will help people in emergencies.