Kyoho grape harvest peaks in Nagano, central Japan

The harvesting of Kyoho grapes is at its peak in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan. The premium variety is prized for its large size and juicy flesh.

This year's unusually hot summer has brought the harvest forward and made the fruit sweeter.

Many farmers in Suzaka City grow Kyoho grapes. Workers at an orchard were seen snipping bunches one at a time.

The grower only leaves one bunch on each branch to maintain the quality of the fruit. Extra grapes are removed to limit the total to about 30 per bunch.

Some of the harvested grapes will be shipped to market by an agricultural cooperative. Others will be delivered to customers who have placed orders online.

Nakamura Takuya, the tenth-generation owner of the orchard, says the number of Kyoho farmers is declining, but he wants to continue producing the variety as it still popular with many people, especially the elderly.