Quake drill held in Tokyo following Great Kanto Earthquake centenary

An earthquake drill was held in Tokyo on the weekend that followed Friday's centenary of the Great Kanto Earthquake that devastated Tokyo and surrounding areas.

Tokyo's Chuo Ward held the event on Sunday. About 160 fire fighters, Self-Defense Force personnel and others were among the participants simulating their response to a major earthquake that could hit greater Tokyo.

In the drill, rescuers confirmed processes to pull out people trapped in a collapsed building or a vehicle, using chainsaws and other tools.

The event also featured a lecture for people on how to use a rope to cross a river in the event of a collapse of a bridge, and an earthquake simulator, in which people can experience the shaking of quakes.

There was also an exhibition of photographs of the immediate aftermath of the 1923 quake, which left more than 105,000 people dead or missing in the disaster.

A 50-year-old woman said the photos made her feel that the quake can occur at any time and it is important to think about disaster prevention in everyday life.

Suganuma Masahiro, a Chuo Ward official in charge of disaster prevention, emphasizes the importance for each individual to support both themselves and others.

He said he will continue to encourage people to improve their sense of the need for disaster prevention as well as their ability to take disaster counter-measures.