Memorials for Maui wildfire victims held on 6 Hawaiian islands

People in the US state of Hawaii have paid tribute to the victims of the massive wildfires that tore across the island of Maui on August 8.

Authorities have so far confirmed 115 fatalities.

On Friday, a series of memorial services were held at multiple places on six Hawaiian islands including a university campus in Maui and at the foot of Mauna Kea volcano on Hawaii Island. The ceremonies were conducted three times over the course of the day -- at sunrise, noon and sunset.

Participants offered prayers, sang local songs and performed traditional dances.

For the noon ceremony, Hawaii State Governor Josh Green sent a message from the statehouse in Honolulu.

He said, "We can never replace those we have lost." He also said, "We can honor their memories for sure for the rest of our lives."

The massive wildfires destroyed much of the historical town of Lahaina and killed at least 115 people.

Maui authorities have released the names of people who remain unaccounted for and are calling for any additional information from friends and families.