Japan's opposition DPP leader Tamaki wins another term in party election

The leader of Japan's opposition Democratic Party for the People, Tamaki Yuichiro, has won another term in Saturday's leadership election.

Tamaki was challenged by the DPP's acting leader Maehara Seiji.

The two candidates have contended over whether to make a change to the party's platform or to keep it as is.

Tamaki has argued that he would not rule out cooperation with the ruling camp in order to implement the party's measures.

Maehara aims to unite parties other than the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the opposition Japanese Communist Party.

Twenty-one DPP lawmakers and those who are expected to run in national elections with the DPP's endorsement cast their ballots at an extraordinary party convention in Tokyo.

Local assembly members and supporters had voted earlier.

Tamaki secured 80 of a total of 111 points, while Maehara got 31 points.

Tamaki is 54 years old. He is a native of Kagawa Prefecture, western Japan. He has been a Lower House member since 2009.

He is set to serve as the DPP leader until the end of September, 2026.