Disaster drill held in Tokyo using hybrid car as electric power source

Tokyo police have conducted a disaster drill using a hybrid car as a source of electricity for traffic lights in the event of a major power outage.

About 20 people, including police officers and automobile dealership staff, took part in the drill in Tokyo's Higashikurume City on Friday.

The drill was based on a scenario of an extensive blackout after a megaquake.

In the first part of the drill, officers used hand signals to guide vehicles.

They then used a cable to connect the car to a traffic light system to turn the signals back on.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, which organized the drill, agreed with the dealership to use electric and hybrid cars as power sources for traffic signals in the event of a disaster.

One such vehicle is capable of supplying enough power to keep the signals on for about five days.

Tanashi police official Shiota Tatsuya said they want to cooperate with private businesses as much as possible as they cannot mobilize officers at every intersection in the event of a major power outage.