Typhoon Haikui set to approach Sakishima Islands through Sunday

Japanese weather officials say Typhoon Haikui is likely to approach the Sakishima Islands in the southwestern prefecture of Okinawa through Sunday while maintaining force.

The Meteorological Agency says the strong typhoon is moving west over waters south of Okinawa.

It says the seas will be very rough through Sunday in Sakishima Islands, which include Miyako and Ishigaki islands. These islands are also likely to be whipped by violent winds strong enough to topple moving trucks.

Winds of up to 108 kilometers per hour and gusts of 162 kilometers per hour are expected on the islands through Saturday.

Winds of up to 54 kilometers per hour and gusts of 90 kilometers per hour are likely in the Okinawa main island region and the Daitojima region.

Heavy rain, accompanied by lightning, is forecast for the Sakishima Islands over the weekend. Total rainfall in the 24 hours until late Sunday afternoon may reach 100 to 150 millimeters in parts of the islands.

Weather officials are urging residents to stay indoors, and keep away from windows due to the high winds. Caution is advised against landslides, flooding of low-lying areas and swollen rivers.

Storm surges could also trigger flooding in Okinawa Prefecture through Sunday, as the approach of the typhoon coincides with spring tide.

Meanwhile, Severe Tropical Storm Kirogi is expected to come closest to the Ogasawara Islands, far south of central Tokyo, from Saturday night through early Sunday.

Weather officials say the storm will bring strong winds and rough waves. They say warning-level torrential rain is also possible, depending on the storm's path and strength. Officials are also advising caution against landslides and flooding.