AI beats human pilots in drone racing, say Western researchers

Western researchers say an AI system has beaten world-champion level human pilots at drone racing.

A team of Swiss researchers and others published its study in the science journal Nature on Wednesday.

The team pitted an AI system that automatically operates drones against three humans with top-level drone flying skills.

The team says victory in the race went to the AI system after it logged five wins and four losses, four wins and three losses and six wins and three losses.

The team says its detailed analysis of flight data shows the AI's best time was about 0.5 seconds faster than that of the human pilots and it was able to fly its drone faster at a start sprint and in sharp turns.

The team says it is historic that artificial intelligence has beaten humans in drone operation technologies.

It says the technologies installed in the AI can also be applied in self-driving systems and other areas.

Drones are expected to become a more popular means of transporting people and goods. In Ukraine, unmanned aerial vehicles are being used to collect information and conduct airstrikes.