Taiwan defense ministry wary about China's military intentions

An annual report from Taiwan's defense ministry says Chinese President Xi Jinping will likely push forward the process aimed at unifying with Taiwan during his third term in office.

The ministry submitted the report to Taiwan's legislature on Thursday.

The report mentions China's massive military exercises around Taiwan in August of last year and April this year. It says the drills undermined the peaceful state in the Taiwan Strait and showed that Beijing has not abandoned its intention of a military invasion.

It also notes Xi's remarks at the National People's Congress in March that China should "unswervingly promote progress towards national reunification."

It says Beijing's appointments to two vice chairmen roles in its Central Military Commission suggest it is strengthening arrangements for operations against Taiwan. One is a veteran who fought in the 1979 China-Vietnam war and the other led the Eastern Theater Command, which covers the Taiwan Strait.

It claims that China has already acquired the capability to launch large-scale cyberattacks.