Meta decides against suspending Hun Sen's Facebook account

Facebook's parent company has rejected a recommendation from its own oversight board to suspend the account of former Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The recommendation concerned a video he posted that was believed to have violated the company's policy on public figures.

Meta said on Monday that suspending Hun Sen's Facebook and Instagram accounts outside its regular enforcement framework would not be consistent with its policies.

The board is funded by Meta but operates independently.

It said in June that Hun Sen incited violence early this year with a video in which he warned he would send gangsters to the homes of his political opponents.

The watchdog recommended that his account be suspended for six months.

Hun Sen had objected to the board's advice and temporarily stopped using his Facebook page, saying he would turn to other social media.

The Cambodian government welcomed Meta's latest decision. The telecommunications ministry says it still bans all 22 members of the board from the country.