Media watches US, S.Korea special forces conduct joint landing drills

US and South Korean military troops allowed media outlets to watch their special forces conduct landing drills on Monday. The maneuvers were part of the regular joint military exercises that the countries engage in.

The two nations are conducting the Ulchi Freedom Shield exercise. During the drill, the troops simulate a response to a contingency on the Korean Peninsula.

The media representatives watched as the special forces approached the eastern coast of Yangyang in multiple rubber dinghies. The forces then attacked enemy facilities.

North Korea has continued to engage in provocative behavior. So, the United States and South Korea are making it clear that they are ready for any contingency. Last week, media outlets were invited to watch an urban warfare drill outside Seoul.

North Korea has condemned the joint exercises. It says they are preparations for an invasion. Pyongyang has indicated that it could take countermeasures. This has prompted South Korea and the US to put their troops and forces on guard against missile launches, including launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The drills started on August 21 and will end on Thursday.