Local resident: Suspect has rifle for 5 years

A man who lives near the Aoki family home says he saw the son emerge from the home silently, carrying a long gun, at around 4 p.m. on Thursday. The neighbor describes him as wearing camouflage clothing, the red vest of a hunting club, and sunglasses.

The man says he remembers speaking to the police about five years ago in connection with Aoki's hunting gun license. He says they wanted to know what kind of person Aoki was. The man remembers telling them Aoki was "an ordinary person."

The neighbor says Aoki was active in his childhood, but as he grew up, he became a person of few words and did not greet people like before.

The man says he has never heard of any trouble with the Aoki family. He says the son was earnestly engaged in farming grapes, and he wonders why that quiet person did this kind of thing.