Nagano attack suspect is owner of a farm and gelato stores

It has been learned that the suspect apprehended for the fatal stabbing and shooting in the central Japanese prefecture of Nagano runs a farm and gelato stores.

Aoki Masanori, 31-years old, lives with his parents and his aunt in Nakano City. His father, Masamichi, is the speaker of the city assembly.

The city says the suspect is the representative of a farm. A local resident says Aoki reportedly grew fruit with his father.

One of his classmates in elementary and junior high schools says that the suspect was pretty mischievous when he was in lower grades but later became a quiet boy.

A man says Aoki's father told him that the son opened a gelato store in the resort town of Karuizawa in the prefecture, and had another person managing it, and then launched another store in his hometown with his mother. The man also says Aoki seemed to be working hard in the grape gelato business, while helping his father in agriculture.

Local police say the suspect obtained licenses to possess four hunting rifles and shotguns in 2015 and after.

A man who lives near the crime scene says that a police officer asked him about five years ago, in connection with acquisition of his guns, what kind of person the suspect was. The man says he answered that Aoki was a normal person.