Opposition party submits amendment to Japan's child abuse law

A major opposition party in Japan has submitted a bill to revise the country's child abuse prevention law. This follows allegations of sexual abuse of teenagers by the late founder of major talent agency Johnny & Associates.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan submitted the amendment bill to the Lower House on Friday.

It would require people to inform police if they know about any sexual misconduct targeting children. The bill is aimed at preventing such conduct by senior members of talent agencies and those in charge of club activities.

The bill says that not only parents but also adults in economically and socially superior positions can be responsible for child abuse.

Yamanoi Kazunori, a senior member of the Constitutional Democratic Party, told reporters that the amendment will serve as an important deterrent because it urges people to report sexual misconduct when victimized children cannot.

The party plans to gain support from other parties to enact the bill during the current Diet session.