Japan to strengthen sanctions on Russia after G7 Hiroshima Summit

The Japanese government has decided to impose additional sanctions on more than 100 individuals and organizations over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Cabinet approval on Friday comes after the Group of Seven leaders agreed to maintain and strengthen sanctions against Russia in last week's Hiroshima Summit. They also pledged to work together to prevent evasion of the sanctions via third countries.

The government says 24 individuals and 78 organizations will be added to a list of those subject to asset freezing. A commander of Russian paratrooper units is among those on the list.

In addition, Japan will prohibit exports to 80 Russian military-related organizations, including machinery factories. Construction and other services for the country will also be banned.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu told reporters that Japan will continue to work with the other G7 members and the wider international community to deal with the situation.