Japan, US set to issue statement on chip cooperation

NHK has learned that Japan and the US are set to announce plans to speed up cooperation in the field of leading-edge semiconductors.

Sources say Economy Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo will give details at a meeting on Friday.

A draft statement is said to show that Japan and the US will agree on a timetable for joint technological and human resources development.

This comes as the two nations face increased competition from China in the field.

The statement also discusses finding solutions to potential supply chain issues.

A new company was established in Japan last year with the aim of producing high-end chips domestically.

Rapidus has been carrying out research and development with US IT giant IBM.

The draft statement also touches on development of a new network for mobile phone base stations called Open RAN.

Chinese firms currently have a large share of the global infrastructure for cellular networks.

Nishimura and Raimondo are expected to confirm their intention to hold the second US-Japan economic two-plus-two meeting as soon as possible.

The first meeting was held in July last year.