Expert: Nagano investigation to focus on motives and process used to get gun

A Japanese expert says the investigation into the rampage in Nagano Prefecture that left four people dead, including two police officers, will likely focus on the suspect's motives and the process he used to obtain a hunting rifle.

Itabashi Isao, the head of the Council for Public Policy's research center, is a crisis management expert. He spoke with NHK on Friday after police captured the suspect. The individual was taken into custody outside the house in which he had earlier barricaded himself.

Itabashi said the man's arrest may help ease the worries of nearby residents. But he added that an overall picture of the incident remains unclear.

The expert noted that the case involves a man shooting at officers in a police car. He said that makes the incident particularly malicious.

Itabashi said investigators will focus on finding out why the suspect carried out such an attack.

He also mentioned that Japan has strict controls on hunting weapons. He said it will be important for the investigators to clarify how the suspect obtained the hunting rifle, if the rifle was indeed used in the rampage.