Japanese police catch suspect in rampage

An armed man has gone on a rampage in central Japan.
He killed a woman and two police officers in a city in the prefecture of Nagano before shutting himself inside a home.

Police say they've captured the man and say he's the son of the chairperson of the city council.

The shocking incident unfolded in the city of Nakano.
Police received a report of a man stabbing a woman at around 4:30 pm Thursday.

When officers arrived at the scene, the suspect opened fire on them. The woman and two officers were confirmed dead. Additionally, another man was injured in the attack.

The suspect then fled on foot and holed up inside the house. A woman who managed to escape from the house informed police that the suspect is her son.
Police say the chairperson is safe.

Gun crime is very rare in Japan. Last year, a total of nine gun-related incidents were reported nationwide, resulting in four deaths.