Luxury melons fetch $25,000 in year's first auction

A pair of premium melons from Japan's northern city of Yubari has sold for 3.5 million yen, or about 25,000 dollars, at a festive market auction.
The luxury fruit is a popular gift in Japan.

Bidders' calls rang out as about 260 first-harvest Yubari melons went under the hammer on Thursday at a wholesale market in Sapporo City, Hokkaido.

A Yubari-based vegetable and fruit packing company acquired the pair.

A president of the company said that as the impact of the coronavirus has been clearly reduced, he hopes people will come to Yubari City more and eat delicious melons. He added, "so this time, I splurged on them".

Yubari melons are known for their rich fragrance and juicy red flesh. Local agricultural cooperative officials said this year's fruit is good thanks to beneficial weather since spring.
The melons will be shipped across Japan until early September.