Man indicted in thallium murder case arrested for trying to kill aunt

Japanese police suspect that a man who was indicted earlier this year for allegedly killing a female university student with thallium also tried to kill his aunt with the highly toxic chemical.

Police on Wednesday served a fresh arrest warrant for 37-year-old Miyamoto Kazuki from Kyoto City for attempted murder. They suspect that Miyamoto tried to kill his aunt with thallium in July 2020. The aunt, who is now 61 years old, remains unconscious.

Police say a cash card with the aunt's name was found inside the suspect's purse during the investigation into the murder of the university student.

They say a total of about 360,000 dollars had been withdrawn from the aunt's accounts in the 17 months from around July 2020, when she started having health problems.

Miyamoto was initially arrested and indicted in March over last year's death of the 21-year-old student, who was his acquaintance. He is suspected of having made her consume thallium at her apartment in Kyoto.

Police say Miyamoto is using his right to remain silent.