Discrimination against Brazilian soccer player sparks international row

A Brazilian soccer player in Spain's top professional league has repeatedly faced racial discrimination from fans of rival teams, with the latest incident sparking a row between the two countries.

Vinicius Jr is a Black 22-year-old forward for LaLiga's Real Madrid.

On Sunday, Real Madrid's game against Valencia was stopped for about 10 minutes after hundreds of fans from the opposing team chanted "Vinicius is a monkey."

After the game, Vinicius posted on social media that such discrimination has happened numerous times. He said it's sad that players on opposing teams are stirring up the crowds.

People in Vinicius's home country are enraged.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva urged Spain to take serious measures, saying in a news conference that fascism and racism should not be allowed to take over stadiums.

Brazil's foreign ministry has lodged a protest with Spain's ambassador to the country.

On Tuesday, seven individuals were arrested by investigative authorities in Spain on suspicion of taking discriminatory action.