Japan PM Kishida set to join NATO summit in July

Arrangements are being made for Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio to attend a NATO summit in July.

Government sources say Kishida intends to take part in the gathering of the world's largest military alliance to be held in Lithuania as a representative of a partner state.

A key topic is expected to be support for Ukraine as Russia's aggression in the country continues.

The meeting comes after Japan hosted the Group of Seven summit in Hiroshima earlier this month.

In Lithuania, Kishida hopes to show Japan's willingness to make continued contributions in addressing the Ukraine issue.

Kishida wants to deepen collaboration with NATO because Russia and China look to be strengthening their cooperation. He is expected to stress Japan's standpoint that the security of Europe and that of the Indo-Pacific region are inseparable.

It would be the second time for Kishida to join a NATO summit. In June last year, he became the first Japanese prime minister to do so.