Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke being questioned by police

Japanese popular kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke is being questioned by police over his parents' deaths at his home in Tokyo last week.

Ennosuke's manager found the actor collapsed on the floor of his home on Thursday morning.

The actor's parents, who were also found collapsed on another floor, were later confirmed dead. Police say Ennosuke's parents, both in their 70s, were found lying face-up on the living room floor, covered by a futon mattress. His father, Ichikawa Danshiro, is also a kabuki actor.

They are believed to have died of psychotropic poisoning overnight.

Forty-seven-year-old Ennosuke himself was found in the basement and was taken to a hospital.

He initially told investigators that the family decided to die and be reborn, and then his parents took sleeping pills.

The actor is now in a different hospital in Tokyo. Sources close to the investigation say police questioned him on Wednesday at a police facility in Tokyo.

Sources also say that he told police on the day he was taken to the hospital that after seeing that his parents were dead, he went to his room in the basement and tried to take his own life.

He is said to have explained that he became half-conscious, and later realized that he was in a hospital.

Ennosuke is acknowledged as a multi-talented actor who can perform wide-ranging kabuki roles, both male and female.

He is also known for his "Super Kabuki" performances which combine traditional acting with modern technology and created a kabuki play adapted from the popular Japanese comic series "ONE PIECE."