Honda to return to Formula One in 2026

Honda says it will return to Formula One racing in the 2026 season, after withdrawing in 2021. The automaker has a deal to provide Aston Martin with hybrid engines.
The team will be called Aston Martin Aramco Honda.

Honda Motor President and CEO Mibe Toshihiro said, "The technology and know-how gained from F1 could be directly used in future mass-production electric vehicles, including our flagship sports models."

Honda in 1964 became the first Japanese automaker to participate in the world's top motor race. Engines made by the company were in many cars that won from the late '80s to early '90s.

Honda more recently said it would concentrate its managerial resources on its de-carbonization efforts, and formally withdrew in 2021.

The automaker aims to shift its global new car sales entirely to EVs and fuel cell vehicles by 2040.

Honda says it decided to return to the race because rules starting in the 2026 season are in line with the company's policy to pursue de-carbonization.

Honda explained that F1 will require use of sustainable fuel and that a race vehicle get at least half of its power from a source other than a combustion engine.