Microsoft to bolster Windows with generative AI

US-based software and IT giant Microsoft says its Windows operating system will include artificial intelligence that can generate content starting next month.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, said Windows 11 will include an AI-driven feature called Copilot. The function will answer user questions and automate some tasks.

Copilot is designed to assist users more quickly and comprehensively than user-help databases.

Nadella's presentation at a Microsoft conference on Tuesday showed the system being used to generate a summary of a business document. The demonstration showed that users can simply paste a file into the Copilot chat box and click on summarize in a pop-up button.
Nadella also mentioned that Microsoft has incorporated its Bing search engine into the ChatGPT version for paid subscribers. The generative AI application has lured users by making it easy to output text based on commands typed in by the user.

Microsoft says that live search results from Bing can be added to data used by ChatGPT for paid users.
Earlier versions of the function only used information received as late as September 2021.
The software maker said it plans to make the live Bing ChatGPT service available for free soon.