China's new ambassador to US takes office

China's new ambassador to the United States says he will work to improve relations between the two countries.

Chinese state-run media reported on Tuesday that Xie Feng has assumed the post which had been vacant.

Xie previously served as China's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and was responsible for managing Beijing's relationship with Washington. He is known to have extensive contacts in the US.

China's new envoy arrived at an airport in New York on Tuesday. He said he has come "to enhance China-US exchanges and cooperation."

He added that his appointment means to him "not only honor, but also enormous responsibilities."

Xie was born in 1964. He started working for the Foreign Ministry's department of North American and Oceanian Affairs in 1993 and has since served in various posts related to the US, including minister at the Chinese Embassy.

Xie later became Director-General of the North American and Oceanian Affairs Department in 2010. He then served as China's Ambassador to Indonesia, worked in Hong Kong, and became Vice Foreign Minister in 2021.

The Chinese government is believed to be aiming to rebuild its relationship with the US, which is strained over various issues including Taiwan.