Russian Prime Minister stresses strong ties with China

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has hailed his country's cooperative ties with China in a speech in Shanghai.

Mishustin attended the Russia-China business forum on Tuesday after arriving in China.

He described Russia-China relations as special, saying that the peoples of the two countries are connected by good neighborliness, mutual support and friendship.

Mishustin also emphasized that he is sure this year's bilateral trade turnover will achieve the target of 200 billion dollars set by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.
Regarding sanctions imposed by Western nations, he said nothing that those hostile to Russia dreamed of has materialized.

The prime minister said there are many business opportunities in Russia, and that Chinese partners are welcome.

Russian state-run television has been repeatedly airing reports on Mishustin visiting a research facility of major Chinese petrochemical firm Sinopec, where he was briefed about latest technologies.

Russia's state-run news agency quoted Mishustin as saying petrochemistry and related developments will serve to strengthen technological and economic independence and security.

Observers say Russia appears to be trying to check the US and European nations by stressing its ties with Beijing. As Western sanctions continue, China has reportedly been supporting the Russian economy through increasing crude oil imports from the country.