TikTok sues Montana to block statewide ban of the video-sharing app

TikTok has sued the US state of Montana in an effort to block the state's law that bans the video-sharing app. The app is owned by a Chinese firm.

Montana's governor signed legislation that bans TikTok from operating in the state last Wednesday. The legislation alleges that the personal information of TikTok users could be shared with the Chinese Communist Party.

The lawsuit was filed against the state's attorney general Austin Knudsen at a federal district court in Montana on Monday.

TikTok says in the suit that the law violates the constitutional right to free speech.

It says the legislation is also based on unfounded speculation that the Chinese government could access TikTok users' data.

TikTok argues that matters of national security fall under the purview of the federal government, and that the state has no authority on the issue.

Montana's law is the first of its kind in the United States.

Earlier, five Montana residents, who use TikTok for business and other purposes, sued the state to block the ban, just hours after the measure was signed into law.