Japan court approves mental evaluation of PM Kishida's suspected attacker

A court in western Japan has decided to approve a psychiatric evaluation of a man suspected of throwing an explosive device toward Prime Minister Kishida Fumio.

The Wakayama Summary Court says the evaluation will last until September 1.

The incident occurred during an election campaign event at a port in Wakayama Prefecture last month.

Police arrested Kimura Ryuji on the spot. They later served a fresh arrest warrant to the 24-year-old for allegedly making gunpowder without a permit.

Investigators say Kimura is remaining silent.

In June last year, Kimura had sued the government, claiming he could not run for office due to an age restriction and a deposit requirement.

Police are trying to find out whether his discontent with Japan's election system was the motive.

Prosecutors requested the psychiatric evaluation to determine whether Kimura can be held criminally responsible.