Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum reopens to public after G7 summit

The Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima has reopened to the public after temporarily closing during the Group of Seven summit.

The museum, which features extensive displays on the 1945 atomic bombing of the city, reopened on Monday morning. It was closed from noon Thursday to Sunday as participants of the summit were scheduled to visit the site.

A long line of visitors, many of them foreign tourists, had formed before the museum opened at 8:30 a.m. They streamed into the building as soon as the doors opened.

Workers were seen removing sheets from the museum windows. The sheets were put up during the four-day closure to keep the inside from view.

A Canadian visitor said he had planned a visit to the museum earlier, but postponed it due to the summit. He said he would be able to learn more from the exhibits just after the leaders gathered in Hiroshima for the summit.

An American woman said she was meaning to visit on Sunday, but changed her schedule. She said she wants to know what had happened in Hiroshima due to the atomic bombing.

The museum usually closes at 6 p.m. But it has announced an extension to 7 p.m. through July 31 as it expects an increase in visitor numbers because of the attention that the summit has drawn.