Zelenskyy speaks after G7, says destruction in Bakhmut similar to Hiroshima

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's attendance at the G7 summit in Hiroshima was a major focus of attention. He met with a number of leaders from around the globe and also delivered a speech in the city.

He said the destruction in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut and the devastation of Hiroshima from the atomic bombing in 1945 looked similar.

But he added, when he saw the Hiroshima of today, he felt it was a living city and felt confident that Bakhmut will be rebuilt someday.

Zelenskyy said the invaders are trying not only to bring people under their control, but also telling lies that Ukrainians do not exist.

He said the 10-point peace proposal Ukraine is promoting will function as a means to stop future acts of aggression. He advanced the peace plan in November last year when he attended the Group of 20 summit in Indonesia online. The peace plan includes securing the safety of the Ukraine's nuclear power plants, restoring its territorial integrity and the full withdrawal of Russian forces.

In his speech at Hiroshima, Zelenskyy called his trip "an invitation from Prime Minister Kishida rather than a surprise visit."

He said he had planned to take part in the summit via video link, but after it was decided he would personally attend the gathering, his visit could not be announced beforehand for security reasons.

He also said he thought he needed to be present at the summit where Ukraine would be the focus of attention.

He added that the visit provided an opportunity to make headway in areas where discussions have made little progress.

Asked what he needs most from Japan, Zelenskyy replied that Ukraine needs Japanese technology for postwar reconstruction.

He said Japan's experience in recovering from war is extremely important and Ukraine needs Japanese technology.