Ukrainians in Hiroshima express gratitude for support, call for peace

Ukrainians living in Hiroshima Prefecture have expressed gratitude for the support their country has received, following President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's visit to Japan for the G7 summit in Hiroshima.

A group of Ukrainian residents of Hiroshima held a news conference at Hiroshima Orizuru Tower on Sunday. About half of some 30 Ukrainians who attended had evacuated to the prefecture due to the Russian invasion.

Two sisters, aged 19 and 20, who evacuated from Ukraine last September, said they are grateful for the support from countries around the world. They called for continued support from the international community.

Later, members of the group sang the Ukrainian national anthem in tribute to their country.

After the news conference, a woman who evacuated with her two children, leaving her husband in Ukraine, said she is glad about Zelenskyy's visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, which she called a symbol of peace.

She also said she wants to support the people in Ukraine as much as she can, and expressed hope to return home as soon as possible.

A woman whose mother, brother and his wife are in Ukraine, said she believes Zelenskyy wants global peace and that he came to Japan for people suffering.

She also said children in Ukraine continue to suffer, and that she wants the G7 leaders and Zelenskyy to work to bring peace to the world.

She watched from Hiroshima Orizuru Tower as a vehicle carrying Zelenskyy arrived at the Peace Memorial Park.