Rishi Sunak calls G7 Hiroshima summit 'historic'

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called G7 Hiroshima summit "historic," as the G7 leaders renewed their commitment to "the path of peace, freedom and democracy."

Sunak summed up the summit by holding a news conference in Hiroshima City on Sunday.

He touched on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's visit to Hiroshima. He said that the visit sent a powerful message about the unity and determination of the G7 and its allies. He said Ukraine must not only win the war but win a just and lasting peace.

Sunak went on to say, "We've made a real breakthrough at this Summit, thanks to President Biden's support for an international coalition to provide F-16 jets."

The British Prime Minister also said, "There could be no more fitting place to discuss the urgent need for peace, than Hiroshima."

Sunak touched on his experience of visiting Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, saying he was deeply moved by his visit there. He spoke about looking at a child's tricycle twisted by the blast and school uniforms bloodied and torn. He said he and other leaders resolved never to forget what happened in Hiroshima with those images in their minds.

Sunak also said Prime Minister Kishida and the people of Japan should be proud "how successful this summit has been" in demonstrating the unity of the G7 in supporting Ukraine as well as engaging those countries collectively known as "Global South."

Finally, Sunak expressed his gratitude to Japan for what he described as "incredibly warm" hospitality.