Japanese Prime Minister Kishida lays out G7 summit outcome

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio summed up the G7 summit as it wrapped on Sunday in Hiroshima. He hailed the significance of the meeting held in a city that suffered the world's first atomic bombing.

Kishida said, "We reaffirmed that there is no winner in a nuclear war and a nuclear war must never be fought.
I feel a historical significance in that the G7 leaders made this clear in a statement in this atomic bombed city, after listening to a survivor, seeing the reality of the devastation and feeling people's hope for peace."

Kishida stressed any attempt to change the status quo by force anywhere in the world cannot be tolerated. He said the G7 will work to bring about a just and lasting peace in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Kishida also said, "I feel it is significant that we invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Japan, showed unwavering solidarity between the G7 and Ukraine, confirmed the importance of a free and open international order based on the rule of law, and strongly demonstrated to the world that we have renewed our commitment to protecting it."

Kishida noted that as Russia's invasion drags on, the global economy is facing serious challenges such as inflation and food and energy shortages. He said the G7 will lead efforts to realize sustainable growth. And they will work with other nations to increase economic resilience and international security by strengthening supply chains and infrastructure.

The G7 leaders told Zelenskyy they will provide Ukraine with as much financial and military aid as needed. Zelenskyy expressed gratitude for the support that has been extended by the G7.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy met with US President Joe Biden on Sunday. Biden used the occasion to announce a new military aid package. He said it will include ammunition, artillery and armored vehicles. Zelenskyy said he greatly appreciates the US support.