Protesters march against G7 in Hiroshima

Protestors took to streets of Hiroshima to raise their voices in opposition to the Group of Seven summit being held in the city.

According to the group that organized one of the protests, about 150 people marched through downtown Hiroshima on Saturday under the watchful eye of police.

The protestors accused the G7 nations of escalating the war in Ukraine. They chanted anti-war slogans and hoisted banners calling for "No war."

They said they were against the G7 leaders using Hiroshima, a city symbolic of peace, as a venue for their meetings.

Another demonstration of about 250 people demanded the abolishment of nuclear weapons.
Residents of the city have been inconvenienced by road closures that allow G7 leaders to quickly travel around the city.

Although the summit is being held on the island of Ujina-jima, the atmosphere in downtown Hiroshima completely changed prior to the summit's opening, and especially after the meetings got underway.