G7 leaders impose new sanctions on Russia

Leaders at the Group of 7 nations summit in Hiroshima are making a new push to undermine Russia's capacity to wage war in Ukraine. They have imposed yet another round of sanctions against Moscow.

Western allies have already hit the Russians with sanctions targeting the energy, banking and other sectors since the war started more than a year ago. Still, leaders in Moscow have found ways to get around them. The new measures restrict exports of all goods deemed critical to the war effort. They also include a warning to countries that may seek to evade the sanctions.

Some G7 leaders have come up with their own packages. On Friday, Japanese officials added about 100 individuals and entities to their sanctions list, and the US added more than 300.

Britain says it is planning to ban the import of Russian diamonds. That puts the European Union under pressure to follow suit.

European Council President Charles Michel said, "Russian diamonds are not forever. And we lay out openly and frankly why these sanctions are necessary and justified."

Russian President Vladimir Putin lashed out at the moves. He said on Friday that any further sanctions will only serve to bring his people closer together.

Putin said, "Practically their whole arsenal is aimed against us: economic, military, political, informational. This is the deployment of anti-Russian propaganda at its most powerful."

Officials at Russia's foreign ministry were quick to respond with new sanctions of their own. On Friday, they banned 500 Americans from entering the country, including former President Barack Obama.